Feet Causing You Problems?

Chiropody Clinic
Rachel Jones MSSCh MBChA
Registered Chiropodist

Each appointment covers a thorough examination of the feet.
Treatment/advice will be given on a variety of foot-related problems.

The appointment will include, if required :-

• Trimming and rasping of toe nails •
• Reduction of thickened toe nails •
• Treatment of in-growing toe nails •
• Treatment of fungal foot/nail infections •
• Treatment of corns and calluses •
• Application of insoles if required •
• Application of padding/toe protection if required •
• Advice on verruca treatment •
• Creaming and massaging of the feet •
• Referrals if needed •
• Footwear booklets/advice sheets given if required •
• A wide range of foot-care products available •

Registered Member of the British Chiropody & Podiatry Association
HPC Registered No. CH24165